Link visions, Think inclusion!

Our vision

Artificial Intelligence for Innovation aims to advance research in the field of AI, while making it inclusive and beneficial to vulnerable populations, such as those in Africa. We aim to be a melting pot of ideas that will lead to innovative solutions to the most prevalent societal problems in Africa.

At Ai4Innov, we are committed to:

Addressing substantial societal problems using artificial intelligence (AI).
Developing AI technologies that provide concrete answers to major societal problems,
Contributing to the advancement of AI research.
Promoting open, inclusive and diverse AI.
Spreading AI through education.

Currently organized in 4 key departments (R&D, IT, Communication, Expertise & Business),
we are dedicated and passionate about AI Technologies.

Departments Missions
Research & Development department
  1. Proposing and developing innovative research in AI.
  2. Participating in recognition of Ai4Innov by the AI research community.
  3. Offering solutions that can meet the needs of a given sector of activity.
IT department
  1. Developing web and mobile platforms necessary to our activities.
  2. Developing tools to collect data, store them, and make them accessible for the R&D department.
  3. Deploying the AI technologies proposed by the R&D department for large-scale use.
Communication department
  1. Developing a communication strategy around our work and the proposed technologies to spread them through social media.
  2. Contributing to the development of an engaged and broad community around the problems we tackle.
Expertise & Business department

According to the problems we address, we need people with real expertise in the domain. For instance, concerning our InFashAI project, we worked with stylists and fashion enthusiasts. Some of them are part of the organization, others not.

Our projects

Our first major project targets building an automatic captioning system for fashion images handling African fashion styles. We are the first to make such an inclusive technology.

Inclusive Fashion AI project (InFashAI)

...For an inclusive AI in the field of fashion, and to ensure that African fashion can benefit from the potentials of AI, Ai4Innov initiated the Inclusive Fashion AI project (InFashAI) which aims to create datasets that are much more representative of the diversity that exists in the world of more




Numbers describing what we are achieving.

4 Hubs

2 Partners


We share resources useful for everybody education related to AI and technologies.

Neural Fashion Image Captioning: Accounting for Data Diversity

Lille, France June 24, 2021 Gilles HACHEME & Nouréini SAYOUTI

Résumé: Image captioning has increasingly large domains of application, and fashion is not an exception. Having automatic item descriptions is of great interest for fashion web platforms, sometimes hosting hundreds of thousands of images. This paper is one of the first to tackle image captioning for fashion images. To address dataset diversity issues, we introduced the InFashAIv1 dataset containing almost 16.000 African fashion item images with their titles, prices, and general descriptions. We also used the well-known DeepFashion dataset in addition to InFashAIv1. Captions are generated using the Show and Tell model made of CNN encoder and RNN Decoder. We showed that jointly training the model on both datasets improves captions quality for African style fashion images, suggesting a transfer learning from Western style data. The InFashAIv1 dataset is released on Github to encourage works with more diversity inclusion...go to the article


Ai4Innov is carried by a team of young volunteers. Together, we will make the change.

Open Positions

Whether you are a Data scientist, Data engineer, Software engineer, or whether you have any relevant domain-specific skills, you can have a huge impact working with us. We welcome people from various backgrounds and education levels. So reach out to us, and let’s work together to build a brighter future for humanity.


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